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Septic Tank Maintenance is an extremely important component of a long lasting septic system.  The steps we take to ensure our septic systems maintain proper performance have proven to be directly related to how long our drain fields function properly.  A regimen of Regular Pump Outs, Regular Inspections of the Septic System, and attempts to Minimize the waste in your system have shown to be effective, but not perfect.  Even after taking proper measures, many homeowners report septic problems and even septic system failure.  

SeptiCleanse is one septic tank maintenance treatment that has shown to give your system the added boost it needs to function at its best.  This Biological Additive is comprised of quick multiplying bacteria and digestive enzymes.  By properly maintaining bacteria levels within your septic tank, SeptiCleanse breaks down the solids and further liquefies the waste so the effluent that enters your drain field contains less organic particles.   It is available at By reducing the biological particles that collect at the soil line, known as Bio Mat, SeptiCleanse protects your drain field from problems and allows proper drainage for decades to come. SeptiCleanse has 2 Types of Treatments.  

1.  Septic Tank Maintenance Treatments.  These treatments are designed to be added to your septic tank monthly, via the commode.  The additive will allow septic bacteria to flourish, making the liquefaction of solid waste efficient.  This bacteria will also offset any household cleaners and medications that may be negatively affecting the septic tank health.  

2.  Septic System Shock Treatments.  These stronger, more potent treatments are designed to be used by consumers who are already experiencing a septic system or drain field problem.  This concentrated dose of bacteria and enzymes spread rapidly throughout your system, opening up the drain lines and reducing the collected Bio Mat at the soil line.  While not an instant fix, septic shock treatments can open up your drainage and restore septic system performance.  

For most consumers, their Septic System Maintenance is lacking.  Pump outs often come too late or not at all, which can lead to serious problems.  Serious problems lead to serious bills, with drain field repairs costing between $4,000 and $20,000.  For many budgets that can cause serious financial hardship, especially when a few dollars a month could have prevented the problem.  

SeptiCleanse Septic Shock and Maintenance Treatments are the solution your system needs.  The fast acting bacteria provides the bacterial boost your system needs to function at its best.  Whether you are hoping to Restore a Failed Septic System, or if you want Effective Septic Tank Maintenance, SeptiCleanse is a powerful choice that you should consider.

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