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Septic System Ownership in Indiana

Septic system ownership in Indiana is subject to rules that govern its installation, working, and maintenance. About 31.5% of Indiana households are deemed to be dependant on onsite septic systems, and about 93% of these are over 10 years old requiring expensive repairs. There are both federal and state rules regarding both installation of new systems as well as maintenance and repair of old ones.

Regulation of Septic Tank Systems

The Indiana State Department of Health is the regulating body that is responsible for the framing of rules pertaining to home sewage disposal. Based on their guidelines, the local health departments issue permission for installing and operating private onsite septic systems. The health officer and other authorized representatives are in charge of administering the rules and regulations regarding construction and repairs of septic systems.

Licensure Requirements for Septic System Contractors

Septic system contractors have to meet certification criteria set by the Indiana Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association.

Installing a New Septic System

The homeowner or an authorized agent needs to apply for and obtain a permit for installation of a sewage disposal system before the construction of a new home. The same applies to reconstruction or repairs of an existing system as well. The application has to be made on a prescribed form and contain all necessary information as required by the health officer. Before issuing the permit, an onsite soil evaluation test is carried out to determine if it is suitable for the construction of a septic system. The health officer has to be notified when the project is complete and ready for the final inspection before it is covered.

How to File a Complaint

Complaints regarding sewer and related issues need to be taken up with town hall authorities or (in Indianapolis) can be referred to the Mayor's Action Center.

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